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Welcome to Pirate the World

Ahoy Mateys!

Welcome to Pirate the World, an online adventure game where you can earn real cash money and prizes for free. Sail the world and discover your fortune by searching islands for gold, prizes and even real money! Plunder gold by attacking other pirates and towns you find along the way.

You can choose to cash in your gold for real money at the end of each month. The more money earned from ad revenue and purchasable items, the higher the conversion rate for your gold will be. In addition to the gold you can earn in the game, you can also earn credit by referring friends to Pirate the World. This can earn you some serious cash!

You can visit the Forum and talk with other members of Pirate the World and even form alliances if you wish. Be careful who you choose though, they may turn on you. There's also an in-game chat to post messages for other players of Pirate the World.

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